FPS Progress _ Week One

Introduction to programming – Project 2   | Part One

week 7 of trimester two, we were asked to create a first person shooter in Unity engine using C#. Still trying to figure out the language and its logic. First i went to my sketch book and put my thoughts together to know where to start next, (probably looking at the notes wont make sense).

Then after researching what gun mechanics I needed; I moved to unity. Created the Player Movement and added Health to the Player and the enemies. then started to create the first gun which is a rocket Launcher. learning how to apply math and waves to programming was very useful. I added the sin function to the rocket luncher because am trying to recreate the rocket Launcher in the video game Ratchet and clank .


With the help of the instructor and my colleagues the Rocket Launcher was made. After Figuring it out i will start with the next attack which is similar to the rocket launcher but instead of using a projectile I will use the player body to repulse the enemies. The programming should be the same with little tweaks.  This will be my next step in this Fps and Then adding a normal gun which should be easy from the previous project.  after finishing the guns I will create the enemies. The enemies movement wont be complicated a simple movement for now should work fine in this game.

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