FPS Progress _ Week Two

Introduction to programming – Project 2   | Part Two

Continuing from last week I made a list to reorganize my thoughts again and check what needs to be done. The first thing i needed to finish is the Player weapons.

1- Rocket Luncher .

2- Normal Gun ( called it Gangnam Gun )

3- The Ground Pound Punch.

scripting the Gun was easy. nothing special to it just a bullet shooting forward so that did not take long. The Ground Pound Punch had a similar script to the Grenade Luncher, instead of applying it to a bullet it was applied to the Player Rigid Body .  Then I created a sphere with lines texture on it and animated it with the Punch.

After scripting the guns I created the Enemies. The Game has three type of enemies.

  1. melee Enemy   |  If it hits the Player, the Player will take Damage
  2. Ranged Enemy  | It Shoots Two Projectiles.
  3. Boss | Moves between two points, and infects the area with green poison randomly

Enemies | Melee Enemy (Electronic Fish || Fishectic)

The Design was inspired from an electric Eel Fish, Seahorse, and mechanics. It Emits Electricity and damges the Player.

Enemies | Ranged Enemy (Unnamed)

Inspired from tanks and a spaceman uniform, the design was changed by adding a fire emitter to the bottom.

Enemies | Boss

The Boss mechanic took me a while to script. Figuring how to make the Boss to emit his poison Randomly on a grid was a little bit challenging for me. I tried to make the Boss with one script but then I changed it into two script, one script for shooting and spawning the poison, the second script was for the Boss movement, health and to know when the Player is in the fight area.  After writing the script I connected the Two scripts to work together .

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