FPS Progress _ Week Three

Introduction to programming – Project 2   | Part Three

Designing | Modeling the level

With all the scripts finished I picked a color scheme . i wanted an industrial theme so i went to Colour Lovers and searched for industrial. 

Then I started to model the ground by using a simple shape and connected it through out the level  to create the Level floor.

Setting the UVs and drawing the textures

adding a space Skybox to the Level

Particle System |Enemy | Weapons | Doors

Playing with the Particle System editor in Unity was really fun. tried different things and learned many things.

creating lighting for the Melee Enemy with this sprite sheet

Here are some other particles i did in unity some got used some did not. but the time i took to explore the editor was really fun.


HUD | Menu

With the GUI system i added an image on top of the health GUI script .


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