Libra | Part 3

now that the game is a terraforming game we just changed the names of the elements from industrial and nature to temperature and atmosphere. The Player goal will be to reach a specific number of population to win the game. while keeping the right balance between temperature and atmosphere. the random attacks are still there in the game and they will attack you randomly during the game.

Moving to unity we had to figure out how to spawn a random number of each element on the planet. after few tries we figured a way to do it on a wire sphere

this is the wire sphere where the words will spawn. and here how it looks like in the engine :

we wanted to get something like this image and the result was this video :

if you are interested in testing the interface click here:

we are creating the illusion of 3D by the positioning of text and its transparency, so the further the word is from the camera  the more transparent it this plan (top down view) drawing of the game, you can see the sphere spawn point and the camera . it shows how we calculated the distance of each word and then according to that distance we set the transparency of the word.

The game needs few more scripts , and some polishing still.

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