Candy Bunnies | Part 1

Candy Bunny is a 2d Platformer Puzzle Game; the Story is about freeing Bunnies from the Circus. Bunnies will escape the circus, and the player will follow and help them through Cities, Forests, and then finally to the farm where they live happily ever after. The bunnies will be moving Forward and Falling down; the player Challenge is to Change the Platform’s positions and avoid Traps and Cages.


Physics in those games where the main inspiration for Candy Bunnies

  • Freeze

  • lemmings

Game Environment| Level Design | Look and Feel

The Game is a 2d Platformer; the art style is Cartoony. The levels have four primary environments; Circus, City, Forest, and Farm.  The bunnies will have 3 kinds of Platforms to move around with. The first one is the Fixed Platform, the Second is the Draggable Platform, where you can drag it right and left to solve the puzzle, and the last one will be the trampoline that gives the bunny a jump boost.

Every level will have Candies to collect, Evil Candies to avoid, Cages that will capture the bunnies, and the last is the goal you need to reach to save the bunnies.

The Bunnies spawn time and speed will change at every level. Also, the difficulty of the puzzle will increase with each level.


Character Design

RabbitChar4 RabbitChar3 RabbitChar2 RabbitChar1

Levels Art  | backgrounds | Platforms

foresttry1 circus barn Cages


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