Dream Journal

Dream Journal is a journey that takes you to different state of dreams, each dream is represented by a certain feel and music. The Journey will make you experience four different emotions.

The main emotions are: Sadness , Restless , Happy and serene.

every time you start the journey it will randomly pick one emotion and then go to the rest depending on your choices.

Click here to play the game

Level Design

The player will randomly spawn in a different level. The player can go through the levels randomly depending on your choices.  With four levels in the game the player will have 24 Routes depending on the first level and your choices.  After going through all the levels the Player will wake up and the game will end.

Level1 will depict the  emotion of serene, Level2 will depict sadness, Level3 will depict happy

and Level4 will depict restless.

IMG_1478 IMG_1479

Level 1

a world that feels like it is set in the space . Background color is black, and all the other elements in the game are in a light specular blue.

main elements in this level are :

  • worm like creatures the swim in a pack through space

  • stars and halos

  • 2 moons

Dreammain Scene1


Snake like creature will appear and take the player on a journey to an energy stream. this world main colors are purple and yellow. Background color is black

main elements in this level are :

  • Snake made out of stars with animation.

  • a purple stream covered in yellow magical dust.



Background Color is light Blue, the world is covered with spheres in a random distribution. the main spheres are in red, and when the player hover on them they get destroyed and four other (green)spheres spawn. the world will have give the illusion of some kind of snow. This level almost feels like christmas.

main elements in this level are :

  • snow stars Particle system (light blue)

  • Red sphere

  • small green sphere

scene3_1 scene3_2


This level starts with the camer falling down into a red swarm.Background is black, main Color is red in this level. a fire ball sphere will spawn every few seconds with pingpong animation on the z axis. Red Trails are swarming around the world fast.

main elements in this level are :

  • sphere with fire ball texture

  • red trail on a rotating sphere

scene4 scene4_2


Rise of the Guardians

Sandyman and his power to control dreams was a big influence, also how the boogeyman can change this beautiful dream to a nightmare.


is a japanese anime where it shows you another dimension of the world that normal people cant see. it describes a journey of mushishi who understands the mushi that lives in this other dimension.

Van Gogh


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