Death Match level design process | Part 3


The level design was first inspired when I was running on our local Corniche in Abu Dhabi, UAE. These tunnels entrances were the main idea for the spawn rooms.

14-2 6256850771_1dc14ca13f_m abu-dhabi-city-corniche-water-05_29489_600x450 img_0501

The majestic feeling you get when you walk these entrances gave me the second inspiration idea which is the Mesopotamian civilization. I was always fascinated by its history, architecture, and art.  After doing research and studying the architecture I started creating assets to build the level up.

Mesopotamian_spirit_house_1_REM P6190071 winged_bull_louvre_by_mattnortz-d2zy9vf       _ylt=A0PDoX9ZQYxPCkEA9w mesopotamia

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