Arcade Trip

Arcade Trip is a video party game, the game is set in an arcade where you choose the game from the arcade machine you want to play. This Prototype has three mini-games; Bricknator, Fish Eater, and UFOwned. The mini games are played with two players, the players compete in the mini games to win the game.


  • Breakout

is an inspiration for Bricknator, the concept of destroying brick with the ball.

  • Snake

an inspiration for the game Fish Eater, how the snake gets bigger every time it eats.

  • Rabbid Party Games

Game Environment| Level Design | Look and Feel


The players start the game in an arcade, then they have to pick an arcade machine in order to play a mini game. The three games available in this prototype are :

Fish Eater

The game is set in the deep sea, each player will control a fish and try to eat the food

spawning in the playing area. The more you feed the fish the bigger it gets, and when your  fish is big enough you start chasing your opponent to eat him/her





Each player will control a paddle, player’s one paddle will be at the bottom, and player’s two paddle

will be at the top of the screen. players can only move left and right and try to control their ball to

hit the bricks in the middle. Every time you hit a brick your score increases. The ball in your

position should have the same color as your paddle. If player one is in the Red Team then his ball

will be red as well, and if you touch your opponent’s ball you will change the ball’s color from blue

to red. The game is only 1 min, the player with the highest score wins the game.

brick1 brick3


Players will be in space where one player is controlling a space ship (the aliens), and the other

player is  controlling a Laser ( defending the human colonies). The player controlling the ship will try

to touch one of the three planets in the game to deploy his/her aliens in the planet. The number of

aliens increasing in the planet will be shown in a gui system at the top right of the screen. Player

two will have to stop player one from staying in the planet for too long by shooting player one with

his/her laser to stop player one from deploying the aliens.

UFo1 UFo2 UFo3