Nox Brain | Art Lead/Level Design


To download the Game Click here or the Image


  • Game Design
    • Created 2 levels and puzzles in game
    • Designed the AI combat system and mechanics
  • Art direction:
    • Created 3D Assets for the game
    • Created Texture and animations

A quirky hack ‘n slash game. You play as virus named Nox, in a human brain. The virus was genetically engineered by an environment enthusiast Prof. Nox, he wanted to take a proactive role to help save planet Earth, to attack people who are aiding in the destruction of the environment and have zero regard to nature, and animals welfare. His first target, John Mullock, this environment aggressor is a CEO of a large dirty corporation Rupture Inc.. Nox invades the aggressor’s brain, and starts with his left hemisphere, but he needs to collect his virus particles to be able to infect the various brain nodes of John Mullock, and turn his brain to a mush, you play a mini game to infect each brain node successfully. This is only chapter one of the story, right hemisphere of the aggressor’s brain would be the next chapter.

For  more about the Process please click on the link below:

Nox Brain | Concept Art