Project B | Game Design


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  • Game Design
    • Designed 3 levels
    • Designed enemies and the Player combat system/ weapons
    • Level and story integration
  • Programming
    • Programmed AI
    • Levels
    • GUI system
  • Art
    • UI/UX Design

In Project B you live the life of a patient diagnosed with breast cancer. The game will have various difficulties depending on what stage you are diagnosed with.

Project B is a platformer game. The levels will go through the process of fighting cancer. Whether it is Surgery, Radiation, and Chemotherapy. It allows the player to experience an aspect of a breast cancer patient that has not previously been explored in other games. The game will explore players’ emotions using abstract metaphors related to cancer.

The story will be about a hero who is trying to save his kingdom from an alien invasion. The aliens take the form of an organic life form that infests the kingdom and starts to kill it slowly. The hero will go through an adventure to clear the aliens.

The first level will start with a happy feel like level then it gets darker in the next levels when the player discovers he/she got cancer. The player will use radiation and Chemo as a weapon to heal and clear cancer cells in their body. Depending on what stage you are diagnosed with the levels and their difficulties in the game will vary. For example, if you are diagnosed with stage 1A breast cancer you will go through easier and less levels than a stage 4 patient.