Sheep the Student | Design/ Programming

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  • Programming
    • Programmed level integration
    • Programmed the game system and mechanics
    • animate enemies
  • Game Design
    • Designed the game levels
    • Balanced the enemies speed and problems difficulty
    • Art and assets integration in game

The game Sheep the student is a defense game basically. You control a cell of a sick sheep and try to protect it against some viruses by using math calculations as a weapon.

Sheep is a 2D bird-view math game with tower defense influences set with a cartoonish visual style.

In game, there are some certain numbers located in the cell. Periodically, viruses carrying a number on them are raiding to the cell. We have addition and subtraction notations in the cell and we do calculations by using inner cell digits. When we calculate the same number that a virus carries, the virus explodes. If we can be able to protect the cell within a certain period of time, we win.

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