Arcade Trip

Arcade Trip is a video party game, the game is set in an arcade where you choose the game from the arcade machine you want to play. This Prototype has three mini-games; Bricknator, Fish Eater, and UFOwned. The mini games are played with two players, the players compete in the mini games to win the game.


Click here to play the game

Candy Bunnies | Part 1

Candy Bunny is a 2d Platformer Puzzle Game, The Story is about freeing Bunnies from the Circus. Bunnies will escape the circus and the player will follow and help them through Cities, Forests, and then finally to the farm where they live happily ever after. The bunnies will be moving Forward and Falling down, The player Challenge is to Change the Platforms positions and avoid Traps and Cages.


Physics on those games where the main inspiration for Candy Bunnies

  • Freeze

  • lemmings


Game Environment| Level Design | Look and Feel

The Game is a 2d Platformer, The art style is Cartoony. the levels have four main environments; Circus, City, Forest, and Farm.  The bunnies will have 3 kind of Platforms to move around with. The first one is the Fixed Platform, Second is the Draggable Platform where you can drag it right and left  to solve the puzzle, last one will be the trampoline that gives the bunny a jump boost.

Every level is going to have Candies to collect, Evil Candies to avoid, Cages that will capture the bunnies, and last is the goal you need to reach in order to save the bunnies.

The Bunnies spawn time and speed will change every level, also the difficulty of the puzzle will increase each level.


Character Design

RabbitChar4 RabbitChar3 RabbitChar2 RabbitChar1

Levels Art  | backgrounds | Platforms

foresttry1 circus barn Cages


Libra | Part 3

now that the game is a terraforming game we just changed the names of the elements from industrial and nature to temperature and atmosphere. The Player goal will be to reach a specific number of population to win the game. while keeping the right balance between temperature and atmosphere. the random attacks are still there in the game and they will attack you randomly during the game.

Moving to unity we had to figure out how to spawn a random number of each element on the planet. after few tries we figured a way to do it on a wire sphere

this is the wire sphere where the words will spawn. and here how it looks like in the engine :

we wanted to get something like this image and the result was this video :

if you are interested in testing the interface click here:

we are creating the illusion of 3D by the positioning of text and its transparency, so the further the word is from the camera  the more transparent it this plan (top down view) drawing of the game, you can see the sphere spawn point and the camera . it shows how we calculated the distance of each word and then according to that distance we set the transparency of the word.

The game needs few more scripts , and some polishing still.

Libra | Part Two

Rethinking the theme and the main idea we came up with 3 :

  • a player Fighting insects and bugs
  • Humanity defending earth from aliens
  • Keeping the balance of nature and machinery to sustain a suitable life in Earth

We decided to go with the third one. Main plot is set in the near future were humanity sustained the perfect balance between machinery and nature. The Player has to keep that balance to reach the win condition of the game which is a set number of population. we also discussed the possibility to make the player evil were he decides to kill humanity.

here is the  presentation for pitch two :

we decided to name the game Libra. The word Libra means scale and balance which is perfect for this game. Through out the game the player has to keep earth in balance and try to manage his resources waiting for a disaster to happen and try to re balance it back to normal. the disasters are shown in the next slide.

this is an idea for the game interface and how it would look like. We had an interesting comment about the good combination of green and blue, and how we picked blue to present machinery, but here it looks like water.

The pitch was green lit. we also got a better suggestion for the game where we change it to a unknown planet. to make it more abstract and to avoid some issues people might have with the idea of machinery and nature. Also to be able to use other colors to avoid the confusion.

FPS Progress _ Week Three

Introduction to programming – Project 2   | Part Three

Designing | Modeling the level

With all the scripts finished I picked a color scheme . i wanted an industrial theme so i went to Colour Lovers and searched for industrial. 

Then I started to model the ground by using a simple shape and connected it through out the level  to create the Level floor.

Setting the UVs and drawing the textures

adding a space Skybox to the Level

Particle System |Enemy | Weapons | Doors

Playing with the Particle System editor in Unity was really fun. tried different things and learned many things.

creating lighting for the Melee Enemy with this sprite sheet

Here are some other particles i did in unity some got used some did not. but the time i took to explore the editor was really fun.


HUD | Menu

With the GUI system i added an image on top of the health GUI script .